World of Warcraft

Worth a go? Or a big no!

I have heard many times that world of warcraft is obsessive, pointless online game, that it is expensive and it becomes a lifestyle not a hobby. A majority of my friends play World of Warcraft, so i decided it was time that Amy gave it a go and come to her own conclusions!

I googled ‘free trial’, a 10 day taster of magic, demons and what I hoped would be great fun. Clicking the, what I affectionately like to call ‘do it I know you want to’ button, I came to a very nice looking login page.

Normal login pages consist of account login and password with maybe a nice background if you’re lucky.  Not a massive skeletal dragon flying over, landing and roaring at you! Now, if you haven’t played the game, that popping up when you’re computer is not on mute is very surprising!

Next came the character making, the hard choice between Hord and Alliance. All the people I know play Hord, however in my opinion, the Hord characters are not exactly pleasing to the eye. So in pure female fashion, basing my choice on image, I chose Alliance, the human priest.
There is more – once you have chosen, you can change your face, hair, a selection of piercings amongst other choices, then finally your name. Its like the World of Warcraft company want people to get so involved in the game that they character looks like them. Now, if thats what they want, who am I to argue?The thing about the character making process that I absolutely adored was the choice. You could be at least six races either side, and in those races you could be male and female, and within those gender choices you could be a Priest, Warlock, Rogue, Warrior, Mage and Druid.

Once you have chosen the realm you wish to play in the game begins. Now, I thought the game was going to start straight off, but no, you have to sit through the beginning, or in my case, you watch 2 minutes and then think ‘shove it’ and press the ‘esc’ key. “Oh ‘esc’ key how I love you so!”

When a human, you start of at Nortshire abbey. You go to the person you appear in front of, and they have a huge bobbing yellow exclamation mark on them. This means you have a quest. What I have learnt, is that levels 1-10 is pure ‘lets run from person to person and kill this amount of creatures just to level up and keep the gamers interest’.

World of Warcraft class trainers are my favourite. When you kill things you get money, and it slits into gold, silver and copper (does that sound familiar? check your wallet). It is always best to spend that money on spells, and who do we go to? The class trainer.

The spells for a priest are things like lesser heal, smite (which made me have a giggle or two) and other buffs. These are neatly set on the tool bar along the bottom, but I recommend putting buffs on the above toolbar as this can limit confusion.

For the game in general, I feel that it is an ideal way to relax and escape for a while. The characters are great, the classes are interesting and you are guaranteed not to get bored.

So for all of you that don’t have it, give it a go, you might even like it!

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