Fresh Sounds. The Gracious Few

A new sound in hard rock.

There were a lot of highly commendable new rock albums released
from artists like Stone Sour and Kings of Leon in December 2010.

However, I have come across a new band called The Gracious Few. They are an American five-piece band, which have formed together from different previous bands. Their debut album consists of 13 tracks of musical joy.

I find their sound to be very different to most typical classic/hard rock albums, this is because they have taken a new approach to the sound to create what I feel sounds like ACDC with a tube screamer pedal in front of it. There are no plain strumming chords insight but instead powerful clever rifts, which just make you, want to jam along to their rhythm. My particular favourite tracks were “Honest” & “Crying Time”

Honest is a very raw stripped back track with virtually just the pure sound instead of loads of unnecessary effects. It opens with wining feedback making you think how is this song going to start, then within a few seconds you get a bold punchy riff. I find this song almost reminiscent of Rage Against The Machine for Its punchy and raw sound.

“Crying Time” on the other hand is the complete opposite to honest. It is a very calm, ambient track with strong echoing vocals. It creates an effective break in the album before the album starts to become more melodic and calm. The vocals and guitar solo combine in the song to make a sound so fantastic that when played loud gives you an almost chill down your spine. I would rate this album at 4/5, as it is my favourite play at the moment.

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