Inspirational Fashion Icons

Lady Gaga, Ingrid Bergman and Madonna… these have been some of the most influential fashion icons throughout the decades, and here’s why their looks are always so successful.

Ingrid Bergman – Whilst other starlets of the 40s were wearing a full face of makeup and modelled a feminine style, Swedish Ingrid fashioned a more natural look. With a slight masculine influence, she gave rise to the power suit adding delicate necklaces for a feminine touch.

Audrey Hepburn – The 50s was blown away by Audrey Hepburn’s flawless fashion. Even now every girl has an LBD in the back of their wardrobe for emergency situations! Teaming bold jewellery with simple, clean cut dresses to provide a sophisticated, timeless look, the fashion world has her to thank for this iconic style.

Jackie O – One of the most stylish ladies of the 60s, Jackie O epitomised classic femininity. Her signature white gloves and string of pearls gave her an air of sophistication that will never go out of style.

Debbie Harry – With the rock scene rising during the 70s, Debbie Harry gave women around the globe a completely new look. The old, classic sophistication was out, and in came the punk scene, bringing bold colours and the ‘bedhead’ look with it! Her hair was always tousled, her make up always bright, and denim brought a unisex feel to the fashion world.

Madonna – When fashion icon is mentioned who could forget the 80s bombshell that is Madonna? Her arrival literally shook the fashion world, with lace, pointed bras, and the controversial crucifix taking the wardrobes of women by storm. Every girl wanted to replicate her look; vests layered with t-shirts, statement jewellery and every girl’s must have: leggings were everywhere!

The Spice Girls – I’m sure every 90s child will remember the Spice Girls, if not for their songs, then for their signature style. They revolutionised the unisex, grunge looks from the early 90s by giving a fresh new look. 5 girls sporting different fashions – Scary Spice with her leopard print outfits and who can forget that Union Jack Dress?! They certainly spiced up the 90’s, talk about ‘Girl Power’!

Lady Gaga – One of the biggest icons of the Naughty Noughties, her style has literally sent designers ‘Gaga’! Madonna, Queen and David Bowie have all been inspirations to her fashion sense. She has definitely revived the over sized bows of the 80s and has given rise to skyscraper heels. Her dress sense keeps everyone guessing!

Photography by renjith Krishnan,

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