Finding Inspiration

Inspiration, it can come in any forms, at any time, from anywhere. Whether it’s from music or a specific place, an individual or a film, it is significantly unique and personal to us all in different ways. Gandhi, William Shakespeare and Barack Obama are to name but a few of the many inspirational individuals who may have affected millions across countless countries in various ways, but does inspiration really need to come from world-recognized figures?

The most significant individuals, who have the ability to inspire, can often be those who are right under our noses. Local charity workers, teachers and parents can have the power to inspire you to achieve something good, yet often these individuals stay unrecognised for their actions all their lives.

This therefore leads us on to question why so-called “inspirational” figures in the celebrity-obsessed world of today are recognised so greatly? Where footballers are still seen as inspirational despite their notorious personal activities, is it really right for people to still perceive these people to be icons?

Clearly this is a no, and if the need to inspire to individuals such as these continues, the true meaning to why people are icons will severely change for the worse.

Rosa Parks is an unmistakable example of how an unrecognised day-to-day individual changed the way people live their lives, and is the clear definition of inspiration. By refusing to give that seat up on the 1st of December 1955, it changed segregation in America distinctively.

Other “ordinary” yet inspirational people can involve those suffering with terminal illnesses. It has been psychologically proven that with a good and positive state of mind, those who have been given a short timescale to live have proved to carry on for a number of years. This is not only inspiring to the general public, but for those in a similar position, it can often be life changing.

It’s not just individuals that motivate and inspire people, the power of music and film is enough to influence or inspire someone into doing some they would not normally do, which could turn out to be life changing or go down in history and many people after can also be inspired. There would be no scientific, technical, religious or literary movement if the people who pioneered these changes were not inspired by something or other.

Many people feel the need to have someone or a saying to look to, to be inspired. To end with, someone once stated, “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away”. Anyone can be inspired to make moments like these happen.

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