Changing Fashions

Fashion is continuously changing from season to season. Celebrities’ fashion specifically changes with the more years they spend in the spot light. This can be due to the profile said celebrities carries. Cheryl Cole and David Beckham are both style icons in their own rights, having had dramatic transformations through years in the spot light.

Cheryl Cole has gone from a contestant in Popstars: The Rivals to the nations favourite sweetheart as one of the judges on the X Factor.

Throughout her rise to fame Cheryl’s fashion has changed dramatically. As a self-proclaimed tomboy, she chose to wear mainly trashy tracksuits changing now to a style icon wearing all things designer. In the early years of her fame, Cheryl had a more natural, fresh-faced look without the help of hair extensions and a make-up stylists.

However, as she became more successful, Cheryl began to dress in more sophisticated designer clothing envied by the majority of women waiting to see what she is wearing each week on the X factor. Princess gowns, body con dresses, hair extensions and flawless make up are now Cheryl’s new chosen fashion choices with the help of many fashion professionals now in her growing entourage. Although, she aims to perceive the appearance of being approachable so all her fans can relate to her. David Beckham in the early 2000’s was an innovator with his haircuts and strange clothing.

Since then both men and women all around the world have admired David for his style. David has received much criticism for his often brave clothing choices although he is continued to be admired by many. Over the last decade, tattoos have become more popular with many people copying the roman numeral VII that David has on his right arm. He has made it more acceptable for men to take pride in their appearance, fake tan and guyliner are now a a common feature in every guys daily routine.

Having landed many major fashion advertising campaigns with Armani and Adidas and creating a perfume brand for himself, David Beckham ‘the brand’ seems to be everywhere and shows no signs of disappearing anytime soon.

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